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  1. I just recently got accepted off the waitlist as well! I also interviewed in October.
  2. For those on the waitlist, there is still hope!! I was just accepted off the waitlist but turned them down as I had already accepted an offer elsewhere. So keep the hope alive! Unfortunately I don't know where exactly on the waitlist I was for anyone wondering.
  3. How do we view it? I've been waitlisted but haven't received an email about waitlist ranking...
  4. I don't think there are any more interviews as for as I know. I believe Jan 13th was the last....
  5. Hey guys, If anyone wants to exchange contact info pre-emptively feel free to inbox me on here! I would love to connect with future classmates. I know that a fb group will be made soon. But I figure - why not get to know each other now
  6. Just received my admission decision - got placed on the waitlist. Interviewed 1/13.
  7. they didn't give an exact date - but they did say by the end of the month.
  8. Oh I was just wondering an exact date to know when we would be hearing back about possible interviews.
  9. Anyone who was recently accepted know the deadline for submitting their deposit?
  10. Me 3. Eeeepppp. I got an email yesterday as well. Words cannot describe how happy/relieved I feel. I'll take a look at past posts but I wonder how long it took to receive the full welcome packet in the mail.
  11. Hoping to hear good news soon!! Thanks for letting us know the deadline to submit the deposit!!
  12. Also placed on alternate list earlier today. Interviewed 11/4. I wonder how many people are on the list. It's too bad we are unable to know our rank.
  13. No clue. But very possible. I'd bet we will get the official waitlist on the 20th. Don't worry I'm losing my mind too lol.
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