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  1. Thank you all for your input. Met with the dermatologist today. He increased the annual stipend to $1500 but did not budge on the hourly rate or productivity bonus. If I take the derm job there wouldn't be much room to increase my earning potential outside of base salary increases of 3% annually. I'm feeling pretty disappointed. I'm planning to offer one last stab at negotiating the derm contract then walk away if nothing changes. Occurrence based malpractice policy.
  2. Thank you! Yes, after the 12 weeks. I will definitely make the clarification btwn claims made and occurrence.
  3. New grad dermatology offer in the Northern Virginia area. Solo MD practice with 4 PAs (1 is leaving and another is leaving in a few months). Only the MD has an MA who brings back pts, scribes and assists with procedures. No Mohs in office. PAs see approximately 15 pts per day at 30 minute intervals - bring pts back to rooms, turnover rooms, perform beta-hcgs without assistance. Location, providers and support staff are great - shadowed with the practice following interview. Offered a 1-year contract for $48/hr, 36 hours/wk, work 8AM - 5 PM (1 hr for lunch flexing every other Friday), no
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