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  1. Hey everyone! We decided we'd also make a facebook group to help more people find everyone. Click to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/185486996504893/
  2. Nice! Lots of out-of-state people here! Yea I was accepted in September and decided to interview with more schools but nothing compared to all the opportunities at Lynchburg, I’m really glad it was one of my early interviews
  3. Yea absolutely! That sounds great. Then if anyone else responds here we can add them!
  4. Yea that’d be great! I’m moving from Washington State so I’m not sure how I’ll find an apartment because I will probably only be able to visit maybe once before moving officially. Should we make a Facebook page or a group chat? I don’t want to in case there already is one, but I haven’t found one either.
  5. Hey all! I’m absolutely thrilled to have decided officially that I’ll be going to Lynchburg next spring! I’m now trying to figure out logistics about moving and everything. Is there a Facebook or a forum to connect with other incoming students?
  6. They aren’t reviewing application at this point that don’t reach the 5.00 threshold. I think it’s pretty competitive but you could still put your application in if you really like this program. I think in the past few years the average file score of accepted students was around 4.85-4.9 or something.
  7. Did you specifically request to get your post-interview file score? Also, is she going to email us once she's updated the moodle? Thanks!
  8. Just interviewed today - it was great! Everyone was so friendly and it went very smoothly. Good luck to everyone interviewing soon!
  9. Hey all! I have decided to give up my seat at Arcadia, as I was accepted to a program that was a better fit for me. I hope this opens a spot up for one of y'all on the waitlist. Good luck!!
  10. Hey all! Just canceled my October 12th interview as I got accepted to a program that was a better fit for me. Hope this opens a spot up for someone waiting. Good luck all!
  11. Hey all! Just canceled my October 9th interview - got accepted to a program that's a better fit for me! Hope that opens a spot up for someone on the waitlist. Good luck all!
  12. I agree with people above - it comes down to more about you than your stats! I got an interview and accepted with stats lower than some people who were denied earlier in this forum. We are all good applicants, they just are looking for certain things and your essays and interviews will make a big difference! Good luck!! If you want my stats: cGPA: 3.76, sGPA: 3.5ish, 2200 PCE, 20 shadowing, 150 volunteer.
  13. No, they’ll send you a really detailed schedule soon, but it’ll be a series of four six-minute interviews, with you and 2-3 staff members interviewing you. Mine were each an hour apart. Not MMI. You’ll have 1 group interview, the four individuals, then there’s a fifth 20 minute interview/question opportunity with 2 staff and you. It’s a long day but not too bad!!
  14. SO excited to have gotten an interview! I visited campus for an informational session right before quarantine and fell in love. I'm out of state - Washington. The program isn't rolling, even after the deadline, so when you applied shouldn't factor into who got interviews. However, here's my info: My timeline: Submitted CASPA: 6/14 Confirmation from Pacific: 6/15 Interview invite: 9/17 - for early October!
  15. Thanks for the advice! You were spot on - I emailed this morning and am scheduled. They were really nice - they even looked at where I live in my file and converted the interview times to my time-zone. I'm excited to interview!
  16. I am scheduled for 10/12! I was asleep when the invite came so that was the first one open haha
  17. It was good to meet you (I'm Elizabeth/Liz)! I was also accepted, so happy!! I was at work and called her back, and basically babbled like an idiot haha! I was really impressed with the interview day/presentations too! Honestly I feel like I didn't know as much about the program as I thought, and I feel really sold on it - it was a great experience for anyone who is waiting to interview!!
  18. I also got an interview invite today! I submitted my app 6/14 and got confirmed by ISU on 6/18. I had a file score of 5.07 - I can share my stats if anyone is interested! Please share when you get scheduled for the interview!!
  19. Got an email on the 2nd saying I was waitlisted for an interview at Rush. No biggie, I've got an acceptance elsewhere, but I'm glad I finally heard back! I applied 06/14 and got the welcome email on 06/17. Good luck everyone!
  20. Are the short 6 minute interviews MMI style, or just a single question from different people? Congrats on getting accepted, that's awesome!!
  21. It took them six and a half weeks to be scheduled for a time. This was in the first round of interviews, so maybe there were more people, but I think it’s totally normal (but frustrating) to have to wake. The later interview date didn’t affect me getting accepted so there’s hope for sure!
  22. How long was the day, and what was the schedule like? Was there an informational session/breakout sessions with current students along with the MMI? Trying to see what to expect
  23. I think what I found most jarring was how short it was! With her going over a little to answer my question, we were done in 22 minutes flat. There's a few questions and that's it, so make sure you're succinct and efficient with your answers!
  24. Just got my acceptance email for Glenside! I interviewed on Tuesday and found out an hour ago! I got the initial interview email on July 7th, with the follow up email on July 17th. Then it was exactly 6 weeks I think until they emailed me last Thursday to tell me I had an interview on Tuesday. good luck y’all!
  25. I know it sucks guys, but it’s not like they’re trying to keep it a secret. They say on the website to apply very early and before I applied I looked on the forum last year and saw that people who applied when I did weren’t even getting contacted until November. I still chose to apply because it was worth a shot. They don’t interview a lot of people and they take forever to do it, and they fill their seats based very strictly on rolling admissions. It’s not like they’re picking a date and saying “we won’t see anything after that!” It’s rolling admission, and this is how they interpret that.
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