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  1. I recently got off of the waitlist a few days ago after being on it since June and the program starts next week :). There is hope!
  2. Hi, everyone! I hope that the holidays have been relaxing! So, I was recently accepted into a school that is 4 hours away from my home. I was excited at first, but am now very nervous because I currently live at home and have never really been away from my family for more than a few days. I am a naturally introverted person who takes time to adjust to new environments. I am just worried about having difficulty with adjusting with living by myself and trying to juggle school, bills, and a social life all while missing my family. I am starting school in July/August and the date is getting closer and closer. I guarantee that during the first few weeks, I will be an emotional wreck. Can anyone who is/has been through the same situation offer some advice on how to handle this? Thank you!
  3. Has anyone made an accepted students Facebook page? I am very new to Facebook, so I’m not sure how to make one
  4. You are separated into a small group (4 people) and discuss an ethical situation. Then you discuss how you think you worked with each other. There are two evaluators that do not give input, but just evaluate your interactions. I hope this helped!
  5. Does anyone know if the deposit is due the day you were notified of acceptance or when you receive your official letter? I haven’t received my letter yet.
  6. Hi! My stats are cGPA 3.41 sGPA 3.25 GRE was 152 Quant, 157 verbal, and 4.5 writing. I also have about 3,200 ED scribing hours. This is my first time applying too! My stats aren't amazing, but I did have a strong upward trend! Good luck!
  7. Hey! I was given an interview invite about 3 days after verification. And the first email I received from them was an interview to invite!
  8. Thank you for the advice guys! I think that I am overthinking this and worrying myself over it. I may try a mock interview for my next interview in 2 months. The one for next week was offered to me somewhat suddenly, so I may not have time for a mock interview. Thanks again!
  9. Hi, guys! So I have an upcoming interview next week, which is my first interview for PA school every. I was notified of this interview last week, and I am nervous because I haven't had much time to prepare for it. I am reading books on how to prepare, but am still concerned because I am a naturally shy person (not extremely, but it's still obvious), so I am scared that I will go blank during the interviews when I get anxious. Is there anyone else that is also/has been in this situation and what are some tips that you can provide? Thank you so much!
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