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  1. Hello everyone! I am looking for some advice. I am in the middle of my gap year and start PA school at the end of May. This gap year has been extremely inconsistent, stressful, and honestly has not been the greatest time of my life. My plan has always been to take April and May completely off for myself. However, now I am at a crossroads. Right now, I am faced with a situation where I am working a job that I absolutely hate. I'm in a temporary position for a medical device company, and I literally could care less about what I am doing day in and day out. I feel apathetic and down on myself all the time, which breaks my heart because for some reason it hasn't hit me that I've gotten into PA school. Where I work doesn't treat me the best because I am temporary, and I feel my confidence struggling. I had all these gap year goals I was excited to pursuit after finishing out undergraduate (exercising, reading, painting), but I haven't made any dignified steps towards them in the last 8 months. I've tried many times, and I believe a lot of things are not sticking because my mental health hasn't been the best. I am so close to just quitting this job that I hate so much because I am realizing more and more that PA school is coming and the time I have left until then is invaluable. I've been working at this company since November, and the only reason why I'm sticking around is it pays $16 an hour. I am being supported by my fiancee right now, so my money is not life or death here. However, I am just feeling so locked because PA school is so much money and at least I can take out a little bit less in loans if I push myself through this job. If I quit my job, I won't have enough time to get rehired elsewhere before school starts. I'm not entirely sure what to do and feel like I need the perspectives of those who have gone through this process before, so I am looking to you for some advice. What should I be prioritizing right now? What are things you did/wish you could have done before starting PA school? Any advice or insight is super appreciated! TLDR: I am at a job I absolutely hate, it's hurting my mental health, and I want to focus on personal goals before PA school starts in May. However, I feel like I cannot quit because PA school loans are so terrifying and any money can help. I need some perspective on my situation and any advice is super helpful!
  2. Received an interview for Center City on 7/23! Will be interviewing in September!
  3. Interviewed at Glenside campus, just got my acceptance as well! Very excited!!!
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