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  1. I sent my GRE scores to GWU back in early May along with a bunch of other schools I'm applying to. All showed they were received in CASPA a few days later except for GWU. Is this how it is for everybody or did my scores somehow get lost (even though all the others in that batch made it)? Thank you!
  2. So does everyone need to take CASPer, or is it by invite only? The website was confusing.
  3. I noticed that too. I did not complete CASPer, and was going with it is invite only after submitting CASPA and the supplemental. Please let us know if you they respond! I'm still waiting on receiving the supplemental.
  4. Has anyone received the supplemental from them yet? I submitted/was verified 5/9, but have received no correspondence from them since. I understand they send the supplemental upon receipt of all application materials.
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the application checklist portal? I logged in with the temporary pin, changed the password, and successfully submitted the payment (received email receipt of this). However, when I tried to log-in today it said there was no account associated with my email (even though it's the email they sent the directions to)? Very weird and wanted to see if others had the same problem
  6. Hi Everyone, Like many of us, I have included in my personal statement a story about a meaningful patient interaction I have had. As it is now I have used the patient's first name only. In the context of my story this is really not identifying at all and I didn't see this as a potential issue. However, I have recently come across other posts in which others have said to use "the patient" or the patient's initials instead. I don't want to look like I'm ignorant of patient confidentiality and HIPAA to admissions committees. What do you think? Thanks!
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