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  1. Just gave up my admitted seat for another program. Hoping this allows someone to get the call they've been waiting for!!
  2. I will be giving up my interview slot scheduled for later this month as I have been accepted to another program. I hope this opens up the spot for someone on the interview hold list!!
  3. I also just got a waitlist notice! I know its a good spot to be at this program so we will see!
  4. Does anyone know how many interview dates they typically have/how late into the year they go?
  5. Got an interview invite today! Submitted mid-late September, I thought I would be too late!
  6. For anyone that has applied, how did you go about filling out the extra sheet with activities/shadowing/PCE? I have more experiences than I can list on that sheet for most, did you just add another sheet/is there a way to add another line that I am missing? And how much detail did you go into?
  7. I have talked to a former student and I know there is at least a component that is just a traditional interview. I am almost positive they do not do MMI. I know they previously had an essay component as well but they cut that out!
  8. I also received an invite for the 27th! See ya guys there
  9. Verified probbably around 24th/25th and got an interview!
  10. So they've sent out invites for 9/10 and 10/1...so hopefully two more interview dates? Submitted mid-July and staying hopeful
  11. Got an invite today and will be interviewing 9/16 as well!! I submitted CASPA around July 17th and was verified 4 ish days later.
  12. I have shadowed at TRIA (kinda interesting program, you have to attend a "day in the Life"4 hour session with different healthcare providers to get shadowing, and you only get 4 hours, BUT i was able to get more by asking the director and the PA I had shadowed!) I have also shadowed through park Nicollet-there's an email on their site to contact. It took a loooong time for both times I did it to get a PA response but I got to shadow in the ER and an orthopedic PA. I have also had good luck through Northfield Hospital if that isn't too far for you!
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