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  1. Does anyone know how far into the waitlist rankings they typically get? Congrats to everyone accepted into the program thus far :).
  2. Currently on the road to attend the 12/5 interview. Good luck to everyone interviewing :).
  3. I received an email after interviewing at the school stating that my application was placed on hold for continued consideration. Could anyone provide me any insight to this? Is this equivalent to getting put on the waitlist?
  4. For people who have already interviewed, did you bring a portfolio to your interview session? I know this program utilizes an MMI format, so I did not know if it would just get in the way/if it would be beneficial in any way. Thanks in advance!
  5. I heard back the morning after the October 21st interview. Congratulations to the others who did as well! They said expect it to take up to a week though so they could very well still be reaching out to interviewees.
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