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  1. I was also accepted today! It was on MyStar before I got an email. Congrats to everyone! As for stats I am not keen on sharing them as I do not want to discourage anyone but my GPA was definitely on the lower end with a strong upward trend. I had a good amount of HCE, and shadowing. GRE score was also a bit average. I think the program is truly looking at applicants holistically and those that align with their mission. Good Luck to all of you!!
  2. Had an Interview this Saturday for 10/05/19. Had originally accepted but recently I was admitted into another program. I canceled this upcoming interview and although it’s late I am praying it opens up a spot for someone else. Good luck to all of you! Morehouse is such a fantastic school! Was in my top 3 choices!
  3. I’m sorry, I’m honestly not sure as I did not check my MyStar after I set it up. As of now it just says “complete” under status.
  4. Thank you! And of course! Submitted -06/09 Verified -06/19
  5. Submitted and Verified: 06/27 I am not keen on sharing my stats as I prefer not to discourage anyone but I was definitely not your typical applicant with a gpa on the lower end of the spectrum. But I had a diverse amount of healthcare experience and a strong personal statement. Im sure they are still sending more out so best of luck!
  6. @Frannycat Hey, I’m not sure if it’s optional or not but I definitely did it. I think if anything it can only help your application. So I think it’s worth spending the extra time.
  7. @thatgirlonabike Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these! It definitely makes me feel less stressed about everything! Thank you enjoy your weekend!
  8. @thatgirlonabike Thank you for helping us answer the questions we have. I thought of a few. 1.) About how many applicants did you interview with, and in your opinion how many students do you think they typically accepted per interview day? 2.) Did you bring a family member with you to your interview? I know it’s not required but do you think this might look like your not interested if you didn’t? Did you notice most students with family? 3.) How are clinical rotations looking for your class? Do you think that Emory and Henry has a lot of near by places to do them? Or are st
  9. Just starting this years thread! Good luck to all applicants this cycle!
  10. I didn’t see a thread started, hope I didn’t make another. Good luck to all, applicants! Application verified-07/01/19 Supplemental submitted -07/20/19
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