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  1. I haven't heard anything about a seat deposit yet but I did get an email from admissions that there was confusion about a transcript from a study abroad program I did. So I think they are slowly checking all transcripts and probably still running background checks.
  2. I got the call yesterday as well! I am so happy and very excited to meet everyone!
  3. Does anybody know if they interviewed 100 students like they've done previous years?
  4. Admissions said to select Fall 2020 and then you can selected CSUMB under schools.
  5. I did! They said that we only need to fill out colleges attended but not grades or experience since we already put that in CASPA.
  6. I put Fall 2020 and it let me select CSUMB for the school and on that is says start is Spring 2021. I'm not sure I did it correctly, but I emailed Adam and will let you know what he replies.
  7. For those of you who are interviewing, have you completed the Calstate apply application? Are we required to re-enter all of the same information (like colleges attended, grades, experiences, etc) that we entered in CASPA?
  8. I also just received an invite for June 29th! I couldn’t be happier— good luck to everyone!
  9. I emailed admission a few weeks ago and received the same generic email that everyone else got about hearing back by July. I wonder if they are waiting to see how social distancing guidelines play out to maybe be able to conduct interviews in person?
  10. Thanks for the update! Hopefully we all hear back within the next few weeks. Fingers crossed! Just out of curiosity, have any of you guys applied to CSUMB in previous cycles?
  11. I have been wondering the same thing! I'm eagerly waiting for any communications from the program.
  12. I have started a new forum for those of us who just submitted applications to start Jan 2021! Join if you'd like
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