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  1. https://m.facebook.com/groups/745003406418300?group_view_referrer=search
  2. They are currently online but they will likely me fully in person beginning in the fall (pending any changes with state regulations of course).
  3. People have already been interviewed and accepted to St. John’s PA this cycle. Interviews started in July.
  4. It is holistic assuming your GPA is above the required minimum
  5. Hi! St. John’s does have rolling admissions meaning that students will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. Submitting material earlier is beneficial as there will still be a smaller applicant pool the earlier all materials are submitted.
  6. I am in the new master’s program. I’m very impressed so far. They really want everyone to do well and they’re always so happy to help us. It’s a great learning environment.
  7. That’s honestly more days off than I have in undergrad by a lot
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