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  1. Lol....Thank you for actually answering my original question. Highly appreciated
  2. I do have a Roth, and from what I understand you can withdraw up to $10,000 of invested money- Not earnings- to purchase a home. I will have to look into synchrony! I am doing some research on where to put my money so it grows but where I can still use it. Thanks!
  3. I was not looking for someone to tell me how to plan my finances. This is something I mostly understand, and what I don’t understand I can research on my own. I was simply wondering if anyone had any experience with these specific mortgages, and this site offers a range of PAs to ask that I would not be able to get otherwise.
  4. Yes! So this is how I was taught/what I underatans to be the most reasonable way to purchase a house, because while yes it’s obviously cheaper to buy a house in cash.... I most definitely don’t have that kind of money saved to do. However saving for a down payment takes time, which is why I thought about the PA mortgages. If they will offer no PMI at a lower down payment, say 10-15%, that would allow me to buy a house faster. With the income of myself and my spouse, we would be able to make larger monthly payments. Basically I’m trying to get around the 20% to avoid PMI! But I don’t want that to come with other consequences
  5. Does anyone have any experience with a physician assistant mortgage to purchase a home? A presentation prior to graduation by a financial advisor told us these exist, however he only had experience doing this for physician mortgages. Is it something worth considering?
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