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  1. Im not sure how to make one but if someone makes I will join
  2. I personally did not attend the information session but I did attend the virtual open house they hosted in June- that helped me as to what facilities pace has, class profile, and what resources they have. I would say just be yourself , i know it sounds cliche but they are really just trying to get to know you and there is no trick questions. Based on prior years, I think they are looking at 75-80 students
  3. Where does Pace compare when it comes to other programs? I think its pretty highly ranked right?
  4. Wow!!! Accepted from today’s interview!!!!!!!!!
  5. anyone applied for the NJ campus early june and not heard back yet?
  6. Looks like there done for the day, anyone else hear back?
  7. For the 300 hours form, do we need to just put all of our experiences or just enough to meet the 300. I want to submit it electronically so i wont have the chance to write on the back
  8. Has anyone who applied in June gotten an interview?
  9. Has anyone who interviewed after the 20th heard back?
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