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  1. when did they receive your app and can you share your stats?
  2. Thanks everyone, all the schools i’m applying to require 500 or less hours. And all the schools I have selected accept scribing hours!
  3. Hey all, I plan on taking my GRE June 15th and just wondering if I would be applying late for this cycle?
  4. Thank you, anyone else want to provide some input? I always get nervous seeing people here with thousands of hours of HCE. I just havent seen people with higher gpa/lower HCE
  5. Lmao irrelevant but im also a pre pa studying at rutgers, finding people to shadow around here is hard
  6. thank you for the response. do you believe I have a chance applying as a ug this cycle? I'm definitely going to try and get more hours, and try to diversify them. I'm applying to about 14 schools
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a junior in undergrad right now and am looking to apply this cycle. my major is biochem GPA: 3.8 sGPA: 3.84 GRE: 312 HOURS: 300-400 hours as a scribe at local medical center, 200 hours as a pharm tech, 200 hours as a volunteer teacher at a local temple Looking into volunteering at a nursing home or getting a job as a CNA this semester as well as shadowing a PA. RESEARCH: 450 hours working at undergraduate lab Part of several clubs, some leadership positions Applying to schools in the NY/NJ/PA area. All the schools listed I believe accept scribe experience and I meet the minimum hours Rochester Rutgers St johns SUNY Downstate Aracadia CCNY Cornell CUNY York D-youville Daemen college Duquesen Hofstra NYIT
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