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  1. Does anyone from this weekend's interview have any insight into this? Assuming a lot of us would really appreciate it!!!
  2. Received an acceptance call this morning too!!!! I am stunned and SO grateful. Can’t wait to see some friendly faces in the class!!!! Congrats everyone so far!!!
  3. I am nearly right there with you, my application was complete about 9 weeks ago!
  4. I interviewed 8/1 and was rejected via a letter in the mail a few days ago. Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those who have been accepted!
  5. Me! I interviewed 8/1 and my portal hasn't changed!!
  6. Applied 7/11, waitlisted today for an interview! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who’ve been accepted!
  7. Just received invitation to interview!!! I chose 9/9 as it was the soonest available. Submitted 7/2 Supplemental 7/3 Diversity e-mail 7/11 Looking forward to meeting some of you there!
  8. In the same boat! Verified 7/11 but received the e-mail yesterday 7/17.
  9. Received an interview invite this morning for 8/1!!!! Can’t wait to meet some of y’all there 6/13 app received, 6/14 app complete sGPA=3.51 GRE=319, 4.5 10,000 hrs working in medical devices 5,000 hrs research ~800 hrs EMT at time of app 200 hrs volunteer
  10. Received diversity e-mail today as well!! Submitted 7/2 Supplemental 7/3 Good luck everyone! Prayin for the best
  11. Don't say your stats are not awesome! You clearly have plenty of quality life experience congratulations on the acceptance!!!
  12. I’m not! I’m from California. What about you?
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