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  1. Pleasure meeting everyone and look forward to meeting everyone via Zoom. Thursday October 1st does work for me.
  2. Hey fellow Pre-PA's! I noticed there was not a forum for those accepted to interview with MEDEX on 10/17/2020 for the Anchorage campus. I figured I'd start one to hopefully get to know each other prior to the Zoom Interview Conference. My name is Raphael Joly. I live in Vail, Colorado. Background in emergency medicine ranging from the ER, urgent care and ambulance settings for 4 years. Now I work as a Hyperbaric Safety Director and Hyperbaric Tech. This is my third time applying to MEDEX and first time interviewee. From some of the previous threads, it seemed helpful to get to know one another before the big day. I look forward to getting to know everyone. I wish everyone the best of luck and congrats to being invited to interview!
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