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  1. Just got an acceptance call! I interviewed on 09/21. Sadly, I had to decline. Hopefully, someone else will get in! Sacred Heart is an AMAZING program.
  2. Just declined my seat offer. Hopefully someone else who's waiting will hear some good news. What an amazing program.
  3. Got the acceptance call from the 10/21 interview!!!! OH EM GEE
  4. I'm giving it until 5 pm before I start to panic. Lol.
  5. I was told the same. That's why I was so invested into hearing back by now. However, I'm giving them grace. They're a new program and I know a lot is put in behind the scenes to ensure that the process is seamless. For all we know, they're probably still waiting on the ARC-PA to give them the Ok to proceed. Still, this wait is having me sick to my stomach . I just gotta/wanna knowwwww ....
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