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  1. Well got the rejection email. That sucks. But it doesn't change the my plans of going to PA School. I am curious though how many of you that applied are veterans? And of those how many were offered the scholarship?
  2. I emailed Scott Dixon end of last week, he replied today. He said they are hoping to make final notification at the end of the week. So hopefully we will all know Friday. Good luck everyone.
  3. I wonder how this applies to the PA program. Does each program have its own funding and hence available slots? Are the timelines the same for both programs?
  4. Who sent your award email? Was it Scott Dixon? This would make it easier to search spam folder. Thank you.
  5. Been reading this thread since I submitted my application. Thought I would chime in. First off, I have not heard anything since I submitted 29APR19, and was reffered on 03MAY19. Second, has anyone gotten any new information? As someone mentioned above I am incessantly checking this site and the job portal. Not to mention the spike in my blood pressure everytime I get an email notification. Good luck to everyone.
  6. I looked the other day and there is not a Facebook page as of yet. Congratulations by the way.
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