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  1. Late to the party - but I got accepted early last week and after deciding to decline ELP-Business, I'm ecstatic to be joining the Winston-Salem class next year
  2. Received the acceptance call this morning! I had a VM left yesterday while I was at work, but wasn't able to call back until today. I interviewed 9/25
  3. Just received an interview invite yesterday as well - I sent in my supplemental application the day before it was due (essays delayed me a bit) so if anyone is curious, I have to assume that they have at least looked at all applications by now. There were two dates to pick from (12/1 and 1/6 I believe) when I clicked the link.
  4. Hey everyone - I didn’t get the autogenerated e-mail like Kit said we would, but I logged into my moodle to check my ranking (impatience) and where it previously stated I was “In Review” it jow states that I have a seat offer! Weirdly the e-mail is postmarked Monday so I don’t think official e-mails will go out until Monday. Not even sure everyones has been changed yet, so don’t worry if yours is still in review. Sending everyone good vibes
  5. Quick question - I'm a little late to the game, but hope to submit in the next day or two. For the supplemental, under volunteer, is the "explanation" blank to explain the volunteer service or is that a blank to explain the frequency? It doesn't allow for that many characters and the same blank is present under the patient care section so I'm a little confused.
  6. Should I be worried if I never received any correspondence from them? I applied very start of July and have received nothing, not even a “we received your application” e-mail. It was through CASPA so I have no idea how they could have not received it.
  7. Thank you! I'm going to go ahead and send then because I had a decent score, every tiny bit helps. Did you ever get any kind of confirmation when your app was received?
  8. Did anyone who applied to CW send in their GRE scores? I submitted back in June and did not send mine because I saw that they were waiving it for this cycle. On a second read through, I can't tell if they just meant for no one to send them, or just that they would still review your app without them. I have also heard nothing since applying, not even a confirmation e-mail, so I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I sent an e-mail but I'm not hopeful for a quick reply after I received their auto-generated response.
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