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  1. Hi all! I just accepted a job with a private outpatient family med doctor after being pretty picky and making sure I felt like it was a good fit for me. He was very hesitant on hiring a new grad and I just want to make sure I give it my best! Does anyone have any reading material they recommend that I can study on work-ups/treatments for the most common ailments in family practice? Also, any pocket reference books? I’m feeling rusty after taking off a few months after graduation! Thanks in advance.
  2. Got my score too and passed! Congrats to us!! PA-Cs!!! Took 11 days to find out fyi for everyone wondering.
  3. Ugh! Please keep me updated @patobe123!!! Today is exactly 2 weeks for you, I'm shocked you don't know by now! Do you know if anyone from your school whom took it this year has found out?
  4. Hi all! Took the new PANCE Jan 5, 2019 and STILL waiting scores! Has anyone who took it this year found out their scores? Super anxious! Wondering if this new testing format has boggled scoring for them or something! And yes, I am aware it can take up to two weeks
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