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  1. Has anyone received a rejection, or know when they typically send out rejections? I also applied late May and yet to hear anything except that my application materials were received and under review.
  2. If they are applying again, I would assume they didn’t get in the first time... every PA program is incredibly difficult to get into.
  3. Did anyone else receive an email like this saying their application is being reviewed? I applied May 29th.
  4. I really appreciate the comradery, but I applied May 29th so I doubt I will receive an interview haha. I have a GPA of 3.08 but I’m a dietitian so I figured my experience would be beneficial!
  5. Oh snap, that’s a lot! Why don’t they like me... (Just kidding, kinda) congratulations on your interview and thank you for sharing!
  6. @LunaJupiterBaggins Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats and when you applied?
  7. Does CASer need to be completed to be eligible for an interview?
  8. I got this information somewhere as well: “ Interview 110-150 people for 36 seats. Interviews during September to Oct. Classes begin September 2020”
  9. Hey guys! I am thinking of applying to this school but I noticed "inorganic chemistry" is a prerequisite for this school, but its not listed as a prereq on their website. Has anyone else encountered this, and how did you handle it? Thank you!
  10. How are you guys finding out about interviews? Are they emailing you or calling? Or do you just go online MyRVU and check?
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