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  1. I think most people are contacting Rahima to switch and being placed on a list. Are you guy all on the official Facebook page as well? A lot of answers are also found there.
  2. I have been accepted as well!!! Recieved my phone call about 5:00 pm today! Congrats to everyone and good luck to everyone who hasn’t received a call yet!
  3. Lol. I’m not going to lie, a good amount of thought went into it!! I figured better not. If I change my mind and do call, I will absolutely post her response!!
  4. It’s been quite a quiet week... How is everyone holding up? I’ve been pretty anxious myself. Thought about calling Rahima just to make sure the phone lines were working!!
  5. Good luck everyone! I bet this will be the week and our wait will be over. No matter what happens, everyone who was awarded an interview has qualifications and skills that would be great attributes as a P.A., I wish there were as many spots as there are great candidates!
  6. I’m hoping they start this week, it’s doubtful so soon. According to last years time frame, it took 5 days for students to start receiving Acceptance calls; the last interview was 3/22 and the first person who posted an acceptance was 3/27.
  7. Thank you, maybe Monday was the last day than? Someone replied they had been invited for 3/27, I guess that was a little confusing. Good luck to you!!
  8. I think mine went well, it's hard to know for sure, but I think good They are interviewing until March 21, hopefully you will still get a call.
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