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  1. Congratulations if you dont mind me asking when did you get your interview invite?
  2. Have anyone heard of the November interview date yet?
  3. I called ARC-PA they informed me the list of accredited schools wont be updated for another 2 weeks. I hope this helps.
  4. I agree. I even sent a letter of intent. I also tried calling regarding my status nothing so idk
  5. I trying to figure out how they are going though their applications. I applied May 6 and was verified on July 9. I'm still waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed
  6. Right I just reread their email it states that due to circumstances out of their control. Maybe it has something to do with the building or space or something idk I wish they would have stated the reason why
  7. I did some research Morehouse recieved their accreditation 1 month after the accreditation meeting. So hopefully meharry will hear something back by next week. I may have some good news. Schools that attended the accreditation meeting have not heard anything back regarding their accreditation status/ approval so, it's not just Meharry. However, some schools still are conducting interviews in spite of.
  8. That's nice to hear. I'm still waiting on an invite. Congratulations to you.
  9. I'm not sure. I hope not. Online states October- December
  10. For those who interviewed yesterday how was it.
  11. Have anyone heard anything about their accreditation status yet?
  12. The next interview date is October 26
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