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  1. @AmilehamI am in the same boat. My application was verified as completed on 11262019. I sent a intent letter 02042020. I'm just praying to hear back soon.
  2. I am in the same boat. I applied back in August and still have not heard anything. I sent a intent letter back in October they emailed back saying they will add it to my file.
  3. Congrats to those who have been interviewed and accepted. Do anyone know when the next round of interviews. I submitted my applications in November and still haven't heard anything? I would really appreciate any advice on what should be my next step. Thanks
  4. I tried calling no response so far. If you hear anything please let us know
  5. Call me crazy I just have a feeling (hope) that those invited for interview who are still available we will hear something some time next year. Maybe right before or after the accreditation meeting 2020. I'm trying to keep the faith
  6. I think we should call and email after the holidays. Hopefully they will have a answer for us.
  7. So what does that mean for those granted interviews. Will we have to reapply again. I'm so confused
  8. I just received my rejection letter today. It's unfortunate especially since I've trying for months to get in contact with them with no success. Congratulations and good luck to everyone who have received interviews
  9. 2 in October 5th and 26th None in November 1 so far in December 7th
  10. I am in the same boat as you. Hopefully they have atleast 2 more interview sessions.
  11. @1dahardway Did you have your meeting with Dr. Mitchell yet?
  12. Congratulations if you dont mind me asking when did you get your interview invite?
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