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  1. After a lot of scrutinizing over my pro/con list, I turned down my offer so that's one more spot available! Go get 'em and good luck to all of you!
  2. I interviewed on 10/14 and received an acceptance call on Monday! But it looks like they're pulling from all the interview sessions so again it's still anyone's game!
  3. They informed us at the interview that they have only filled half the class with interviews since July so everyone still has a shot at this point. They also review all the applicants in their pool with a committee every time they offer interviews/acceptances so applicants who didn't stick out one round, might stick out the next. Best of luck to everyone! I'm anxiously waiting too!
  4. I got the call this morning as well!!! I was shaking on the telephone! I am so excited—can’t wait to re-meet all of y’all! Interview day was an absolute blur haha
  5. Same! I just received an interview invite for Sept 21st today too!!! See y'all there!
  6. Can you elaborate more on the different clinical location sites that are offered through the program? I did a quick scan of the website, but USF doesn't seem to go into much detail about specifics
  7. I believe CASPer is only required for the Yale Online PA Program
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