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  1. i actually ended up declining my interview when they (finally) got to sending out the official date. wishing you the best of luck!!
  2. any one else just receive a call from rene for an interview invite?! SO EXCITED!
  3. I received the same email and applied in May. So it seems they sent the first round of invites out now and will have the second round sent out by mid December, and that’s it?
  4. anyone else just get an email about finalizing the list of people to be interviewed for phase II? I thought this was weird I never heard anything about phase I & applied early may??
  5. hi everyone, thinking of applying to LIU this week. Is it too late? Also, do we know if the school is rolling admissions or not?
  6. devastated to say I received an email good luck to everyone on your journey! I wish nothing but good vibes everyone's way!
  7. i think @nyc9009 might have been the wrong group??? original post has been deleted. I still haven't heard anything
  8. I emailed them last week asking if they sent confirmations/if they were sending interview invites soon. He did say my application was received (even tho I never got a confirmation, I'm guessing if your CASPA says verified thats your confirmation) but never answered me about the interviews. Its weird because at this time last year invites were already sent out. I wonder if they changed something or maybe just delayed?
  9. before i left the interview i talked to one of the first year students and she said that she waited till day 10, heard nothing, and was upset thinking she was waitlisted but the following week she received a call. she said don’t panic thinking we aren’t in, she didn’t get the call for like 14 days! i’m sure next week we’ll all hear back
  10. I think invites might be going out this week for those who applied early/for the "Phase I". Best of luck everyone!
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