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  1. I always thought it was instant, as soon as caspa verifies it then its released to the schools. NOVA did take longer to send out a confirmation email when i submitted my application. I applied and was verified in may and didnt hear anything until june
  2. did you ever receive a call? if i recall correctly they called me and confirmed as well as sent an email. if you havent received either I'd probably give them a call or shoot them an email
  3. Just curious if anyone's gotten interview invites or further updates on their application!?
  4. I'm from NY, applied to UC Davis, SCUHS, and MBKU. Applied to a bunch more on the east coast as well! Looking forward to hearing back from them. I haven't received any email from them though regarding my application even being received. Have you gotten anything?
  5. Submitted my application back in May myself. Are you from California/did you apply to other schools in CA?
  6. no, they review their applications all together after the July 15th deadline!
  7. Just got a call saying all my information was forwarded to admissions and they will contact me in 4-6 weeks regarding interview decisions! AHHH!! I don't think I can wait that long, the suspense is going to kill me!
  8. i typed mine up on a separate word document (so I could see the word count) and then copy/pasted the responses into the document! so sorry for the late reply good luck to you!!!
  9. Applied on CASPA 5/12 was verified 5/14. Sent the supplemental in on Monday, I wonder when they'll start reviewing/sending out interview invites?
  10. CASPA submitted 5/12, verified 5/14! My first time applying too, good luck to you all!
  11. I haven't yet, I applied 5/12 and was verified 2 days later. Most of the schools I applied to sent me some sort of email except for them! Let me know if you get one soon
  12. applied 5/12 and was verified 5/14, received the confirmation email last week! Good luck to everyone applying!
  13. I believe Barry gets your GRE scores directly from ETS and does not report through CASPA. Thats what their website says! Also, they dont send an email saying they've received youre GRE score. As long as you send it through ETS you should be good!
  14. This is my first time applying, submitted 5/12 verified 5/14! I'm from NY & applied to 4 different schools out in CA, super excited to hear back!
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