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  1. anyone staying at the Holiday Inn Stony Brook know if theres a shuttle that will take us to the interview or if we need to Uber or something?
  2. nothing, but I dont think they start sending out interviews until September 24th/early october according to last years post!
  3. My GRE was under 300 Not a great standardized test taker personally! I applied to a bunch in Cali as well which didn’t require a GRE and also Stony Brook which didn’t and already have an interview with them! Honestly, I’m not even that attracted at schools that would weed out students with excellent overall qualifications because of a low score on a general standardized exam. I mean, here they are training the future of healthcare and they’re completely dismissing applicants who could potentially make a wonderful contribution to medicine, because of a low score on a GRE (which as everyone remembers, doesn’t even test on biological sciences or anything healthcare related!). Kind of concerning if this is how schools are determining future healthcare providers....Just my two cents!
  4. I still havent heard anything yet either and my stats are slightly better than yours (sGPA and cGPA 3.3, more PCE, more shadowing and more volunteer hours) uggghhhh....lets not give up hope, they interview all through the fall so maybe we'll just be towards the end of their list
  5. Just got a denial email feeling kinda bummed but hopeful since its only 1/13 schools ive applied too! Best of luck to everyone else!!!
  6. Hi! I'm interviewing at the main campus and I think there's just more hotels around and maybe they have a deal with the local hotels? It sounds like she just dosent have discount accommodations to provide for those interviewing over at SH. I actually talked to someone else about the difference in interviewing at SB or SH and she contacted Audra and Audra said the only reason they're doing interviews over there is to give the SH campus more "publicity". It dosent mean youre only being interviewed for that specific campus by any means! Just sucks there must not be many hotels close to that campus & that they wernt able to arrange accommodations for you
  7. they dont start sending interview invites until the end of december
  8. did they send you an email first or just a letter in the mail?
  9. Anyone else get interview invites? I wonder if this is the only wave of invites theyre sending out:(
  10. In the email Audra says shes blocked out room at the Holiday Inn Express Stony Brook. Its only 5 minutes down the road and if you use the discount code its only $120!
  11. I wonder what the delay is, last year they went out around the 15th, other nova campuses sent theirs out monday.
  12. OMG CONGRATS!! Mind sharing your stats? This is one of my top schools, I'm checking my email like a madman hoping I get an interview also
  13. nope, maybe today? maybe next week? ugh I was so excited...
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