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  1. those who have been accepted to the program, would you mind sharing your stats? And does anyone know how many seats have been filled so far?
  2. Congrats!!! If you don’t mind me asking what are your stats?!
  3. Has anyone who was verified in May get an interview invite? Looks like they have only gotten back to those who applied in June and July which seems very odd. I wonder if the applications from May have gotten lost somewhere or what.
  4. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing when you were verified?
  5. thanks! I was just checking if I can sign up for the info session for tonight, but the next one they have available is for Friday
  6. is the information session online or in person?
  7. has anyone heard anything back recently about interviews?
  8. how did the interview for the people who interviewed on 9/9 go?
  9. and CONGRATS, you'll do amazing at the interview!!!
  10. Thank you! Also was it a virtual interview or in person?
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