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  1. Thank you all for the feedback. I will likely cut my losses and just move on, I have fortunately documented everything which I was initially using to discuss with the company, however this did not benefit my case at all. I may move back into a hospital setting where things seem a little more regulated, thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone, I am having some issues with my current employer and looking for advice. I have been working in PM&R /pain management, for nearly one year, previously I was doing pulmonary/critical care, but my husband is in med school and with moving so often I have moved between specialties. At first with my position I was not in love with the specialty, we do a lot of nursing homes/ ALF patients, etc, but the work hours were nice and my attending physician and myself had a great relationship. I was working with one MD and two NPs, we're contracted through a large organization out of Chicago. So long story short, my company did not have the volume to support 3 Midlevels in the area we were working, and another doc had taken over a region closer to my home. They asked if I would be willing to try it out, so I obliged because it was much less of a drive. I have been working with this physician for 1 month and it has been a nightmare. He calls/texts me all night, morning, and on weekends. When we are actually on the phone he is very derogatory towards me, he is asking me to see 50+ patients a day over 3 days, have all the notes done, so he essentially can copy and paste my work. He wants be to go to facilities and write narcs without doing follow ups, so he can bill for them... I explained to my company that I was not willing to work with him anymore, as it was causing significant stress, and I felt he was harassing me on such a regular basis, I have also tried discussing alternatives to this schedule which was only met with hostility and aggression. Initially my company appeared supportive, but basically today I was told if I chose to not work with him, I would be "quitting" and there were no other options. I don't see how this is legal, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to approach this. They want an answer by Monday. Thanks for any advice.
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