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  1. Its just if a program requests it! They should tell you in their pre-reqs or program materials on CASPA.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working through program materials on CASPA and wasn't sure how to format my documents with course catalog descriptions. Does something like this look okay to submit? Thanks Course Catalog Descriptions.pdf
  3. Thank you!! I'll do that:)
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry if this question is a bit confusing but ETS support hasn't been any help... I sent my GRE scores to all of the programs I'm applying to (total of 15) last week on the day that CASPA opened. Under the application status tab, it says "Received 12" next to standardized tests, so 3 of the schools I'm applying to haven't received my GRE scores. Those 3 are the only schools I'm applying to that don't have a CASPA-specific GRE code, so will they not show up as received under the status tab? I just don't know how to make sure that those 3 schools have actually received my scores. Thanks for any insight
  5. I can confirm that Hailey is super helpful! She got back to me really quickly and had some thoughtful insights that helped me improve my PS
  6. Check with the volunteer services departments at local hospitals/clinics. This is how I got the bulk of my shadowing hours! Many larger hospitals actually have programs designed for pre-PA students that help you get the required # of hours for your application. Good luck
  7. It's only ~3000 characters right now; I'm working on increasing the length significantly. Thank you for the input!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that! Re-reading this rough draft already has me making a lot of changes. Definitely going to work on the hows/whys of this PS. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, Here is my most recent draft of my PS. I'm a first time applicant applying this cycle and looking for as much help as possible with editing my PS! Any suggestions are welcome Personal statement rough draft 4_20.docx
  9. I hope its okay if I send you a very rough draft of my PS! Congrats on your acceptance
  10. I'm currently completing my gap year and I'm an STNA (nursing assistant; depending on the state might be called CNA, PCNA, PCA, etc). I took an accelerated class and was certified within a month, testing and all. I found a job fairly easily too (a lot of hospitals are always hiring CNAs; nursing homes and rehab facilities are other places you should check). I work full time in a skilled nursing facility and even though I've only been there for ~ 6 months, I've gained a TON of valuable HCE
  11. Thanks for the advice! Definitely going to be applying earlier rather than later based on what everyone here has told me
  12. Thank you!! Do you know if there's a thread on here with people's stats and whether they were accepted, interviewed, etc.? I honestly have no idea how I compare to other applicants
  13. That's great, thank you! In your experience, how long did CASPA take from start to finish as far as verification and getting all your transcripts/letters submitted? Obviously I'll have my LOR's and personal statement ready beforehand.
  14. My submission goal is now June 1 based on what I’m hearing here and on other sites... I’d rather get it in early even if schools I’m applying to aren’t rolling admissions!
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