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  1. Hopefully we hear something soon! Seems like all the other nova campuses are starting to answer applicants back.
  2. Thank you! Very excited, since SB in my number one! I submitted and was verified 5/22 My supplemental was submitted 5/24.
  3. I’m also waiting since June. When I emailed them, they said they reviewed my file and that a decision hasn’t been made. I guess that must mean we’re on the back end. Maybe they’re waiting to see how the interviews go with other people.
  4. Oh wow! I did not know that. Thanks so much for letting me know! Still hopeful that I’ll hear something good soon!
  5. Question for everyone! As expected, I’ve accrued more pce hours since applying back in May. Does anyone know if I should contact the school about it so they can update my file, or should I add the additional hours to CASPA? Thanks in advance, and good luck to everyone! I also received the email today about being verified! Very excited!
  6. Honestly, I only say that I’m anticipating a rejection because it seems as if people are notified within two weeks of sending in their app if the school is interested in interviewing the person. I feel as if my application is strong. I have a 3.6 overall gpa, 3.4 science, great letters, a great personal statement, lots of volunteering, Research, an internship, and about 5000+ hours of pce/hce. IMO my weakness Is my pce, since most schools consider medical lab tech to be hce and not pce. I applied mostly to schools that take my hours as a med tech. I think maybe that’s why I haven’t heard back. They’re still debating if they will except my hours maybe? Also, just started a new job as a Medical assistant and about 500 of my combined hours are accepted as typical “pce.” Like I said, I think they’re putting me on hold!
  7. Thank you. I’m sure another school will give you great news soon, and the opportunity that you very much deserve! Good luck to you, and wishing you the best!
  8. Sorry to hear that! How did they inform you? Through an email? I’m sitting wait to hear back. Applied first week of June and haven’t heard a peep.
  9. Nope! Its been almost a month now. Definitely prepared for a rejection, but holding my head up high in hopes of other schools giving me a chance.
  10. I submitted and was verified 6/6 and haven’t heard back. I wouldn’t worry to much. Seems like everyone who submitted early June is still waiting to hear back an answer. Don’t lose hope! It’s still really early
  11. That’s awesome, congrats! I emailed them and they said that no decisions have been made yet, and we won’t find out until July. Guess you made a great impression on them! Good luck on your interview!! :))
  12. Hi! Quick question, I took anthropology, but not sociology or cultural anthropology. Does anyone know if this anthropology class is the same thing/ is accepted for the pre req? Thanks!
  13. Too late to submit?!? Hope it’s not too late, as I just decided to send in my app lol! cGPA: 3.6 sGPA:3.4 pce/hce hours: ~5100 hours (medical assistant at community clinic and also a biopsy tech at local hospital, where I help physicians by collecting biopsy tissues specimens, preparing them, and also helping with the biopsies during procedures. shadowing: 186+ hours (120 primary care PA, derm, Cardiothoracic OR PA, radiology MD, etc...) Volunteer: ~140 hours (various roles, children’s hospital aid, nursing homes, feeding the poor, also at underserved health clinic. hope it’s not too late, and that they take my pce hours! My science gpa is a little low, but only because I did poorly one semester. Good luck to everyone that’s applying!
  14. This is actually a sign of relief for me. Hopefully it will be for you as well. I applied the exact same time as you, and haven’t heard anything. Maybe they’re just still reviewing applications from before us!
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