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  1. Oh well... at least I have an acceptance else where. The tuition is too high for my liking any ways.
  2. Oh well... at least I have an acceptance else where. The tuition is too high for my liking any ways.
  3. That’s odd. I was asked to select which campus I preferred to attend. I was also in the morning session and interviewed oct 22nd. I was the first group to interview.
  4. Good luck to everyone that’s interviewing tomorrow! Excited to meet you all!
  5. October interviews are Tuesday, the 22nd at south hampton campus. I just flew in from Florida! Lol
  6. I got accepted to PA school this cycle, which also happens to be the first time I applied. I’ve also received three interview invites, 2 of which I decided to attend. My gpa isn’t nearly as high as others in my class, (3.6). My gre also is deplorable, (294.)I applied to schools where I knew I would stand out, and where they put an emphasis on other things besides the two categories that I was weakest in. I found programs that I fit in best. Perhaps you should do some research on programs where you think you’d fit in best. Why this program, and not this one? What stands out to you about this school over the other. It’s cumbersome, but it’ll help you in the end, especially when you interview. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but if you have any doubts what so ever and are considering a different career path if you do not get accepted into PA school, the ADCOMS will almost immediately pick up on that. The question I was asked at both interviews was why PA, not “MD/NP?” It’s totally okay to change your mind on what you want to do, however make sure that this is truly what your heart is set on. I think that a majority of the people who apply are granted an interview based off of what they write on paper, and all the interview is for is to validate that the paper version matches the in person version of you. if you don’t have a strong aspiration on becoming a PA, and know that this may not be what you want to do, it’s perfectly ok to do the NP route. Also, rather than talk about what you’ve learned to overcome in your personal statement, talk about WHY you want to be a PA. What have you learned, and done that have lead you to where you are now and how it’s inspired you to become a PA. feel free to message me, if you want some advice or someone to look over your PS! The application process is stressful, and I’d love to help someone else who’s currently in the position I was!
  7. Sorry to hear that! I really enjoyed the people who I interviewed with. I really felt as if they were just getting to know me better, and wanted to make sure I was a good fit for the program. I’m sure you did just fine! Deep breaths!
  8. Accepted from the 9/24/19 Interview!! I’m a local!!! I live In Boca Raton! If anyone needs suggestions on where to live message me so excited to be close to home and to meet everyone!!
  9. Also a med tech applying!! So far I’ve received 3 interviews, and every school has loved the uniqueness of my application. We most definitely have an imperative role in patient care, as we work hand in hand with doctors in helping to diagnose our patients! Proud of the contributions we preform as med techs!
  10. Honestly, I don’t understand why they can’t just assign candidates allotted time slots and dates... I personally do not like having to compete with other students in regards to picking my own date on an online scheduling system. I think we have to compete enough with other applicants with obtaining interviews... just saying.
  11. Wow!!! all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!! Very happy for those that were able to obtain interviews. But very disappointed in MCPH for failing to email us about it opening up earlier.
  12. Same boat. Very disappointed with this entire scheduling system. Makes me contemplate on whether or not I even want to attend...
  13. Hi! Per MCPHS’ website, 260 interviews are granted. Not sure about the class size or how many people are interviewing each day. Guess we will find out tomorrow!
  14. Honestly, the interview was by far my most favorite one that I’ve had out of all the schools I’ve interviewed at. They do their very best to make you feel at ease and relaxed. Be confident and yourself. You’ll do great.
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