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  1. Same. I submitted 6/6 and was verified 6/7 and have not heard a peep. I’m expecting a rejection soon.
  2. Anyone hear anything back? Seems like this time last year, invites were being given out.
  3. Yeah! Sorry. I posted this in the wrong thread. Apologizes.
  4. Received an email that they’ve received my app and casper and that I’m under review and that I won’t hear back until October.
  5. Yes. Just be aware that the school you plan on applying to might not consider your application complete until receiving your official GRE score. Ultimately meaning they won’t view your application until they have everything. I would call and confirm with the school to make sure. I was in the same boat as you. I still submitted my applications before having my GRE done, which definitely helped, but a lot of schools wouldn’t look at my apps without my official test scores posted. REGARDLESS, if you can, send in your apps!!!!!!! CASPA gets busy, and it can take awhile for them to verify you. Get in line now if you can! Once you take your GRE, it takes a good two weeks for you to receive your scores, and an additional 3-5 days for the scores to send to your selected schools. I’d allow about 3-4 weeks for the entire process. Good luck!
  6. Hi! Don’t worry. If you attend their program and they lose their accreditation after you start, you still are entitled to sit for the PANCE. As long as you pass, you will still become a board certified PA, despite the school losing their accreditation. If however, the school loses their accreditation before you start and you decide to attend the program anyways, then you will not be allowed to sit for the PANCE. Rest assured though. Most of the time schools are put on probation for simple paper work errors like forgetting to send in documentation of reports and so forth. It’s never really anything too serious.
  7. Ugh! I know the feeling submitted 6/5, received 6/6. Almost 10 days since I’ve been verified. Hope we hear some good news soon!
  8. Just got an email saying that they’ve received my application, supplemental and I’m under review!! The anticipation is killing me!!!!! Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  9. Nope! Nothing yet either. Submitted, verified and supplemental completed about three weeks ago. Wonder what the hold up is.
  10. The Orlando supplemental and Tampa supplemental questions for NSU are similar but slightly different! I found that the Orlando NSU supplemental was way easier and did not require as much info in regards to documenting dates and hours for extra curricular and community service compared to ft Lauderdale. But I agree!!!! Type your answers on a word doc this way you have it saved! It even says on the website for the supplemental to type your answers separate since the website will automatically close after an hour and if you don’t save your responses, you’ll lose them!
  11. This happened to me too! You need to call Nikki Sawyer and have her unlock you! I already submitted my application about 3 weeks ago, but I sent her an email about something and I got an automatic response saying that she’s out of town until Monday, June 3rd! Give her a call then, and she will be able to reset your account for you!
  12. Caspa sent: 5/22/19 caspa verified 5/23/19. good luck everyone!!!! Tampa is my top 5!
  13. I agree and disagree with the comment above about you bringing up your 2 m/o child in your personal statement. I think you can potentially bring up your child but only and IF only you are able to relate as to why your child has been an influential aspect in your journey to becoming a PA. If you aren’t, then yes, you should most definitely leave both aspects out.
  14. Sent in my app 5/22/19. Caspa verified 5/23/19. got an email from them today saying they’ve received my app and that application review doesn’t begin until mid summer! That was fast lol! good luck everyone!!
  15. Hi quick question! I’m doing my supplemental right now, and I was wondering how you did yours. Did you type it out on the actual attachment, or attach a word document with your answers on it? thanks, and best of luck to you this cycle!
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