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  1. Are there any current MCPHS Boston students from FL who can give me some honest feedback about their opinions on the program?
  2. Are chances for interview high if I apply now?
  3. Hello everyone, It was my first time applying in 2018 and I've been accepted to one program/waitlisted at another. (Will most likely not attend the program I was waitlisted at even if I get an acceptance.) Highly considering attending the program I was accepted to since it's close to home; however, a lot of things went wrong with the transcript entry portion of my application this past cycle, which is why I want to reapply. I've already been out of school for 2 years and am ready to start but am also stuck because maybe I'll have more options if I reapply in the next cycle since I'll have more experience with CASPA and I'll make sure not to make the same mistakes? Any advice appreciated.
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