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  1. ACLS/BLS certification just expired Does anyone know any reputable courses to re-certify and gain CME credit from? Was planning on doing an in-person training course, but not sure about the availability or practicality with everything going on in NYC right now. Looks like I may have to do it online.
  2. No benes actually, just the straight hourly pay. Trying to get into EMED but having no luck as a new grad. I was thinking a surgical position would open more doors, plus wanted to do more than just minor emergencies/illnesses. Offer just last week. Crazy stuff happening but kinds hoping it would fizzle down by the time I'm credentialed in the hospital (or maybe I'm just being delusional thinking that, knowing it hasn't even peaked yet)...
  3. I am currently working in Urgent Care for ~2 months since graduation. I'm starting to see that it's a lot of cold, flu, ankle sprains, allergies, asthma, and the ocassional chest pain. However, I've recently been approached for a Per Diem General Surgery position. It's for late night and weekend shifts with a mix of OR time, floor work, and ED consults. $70/hour, $50/hour when on-call, and an hour and 15 minute commute from my house. I know the hours are not ideal and the pay isn't the greatest for COL in NYC, but I think it'll be a good hands-on experience.... except it's been >1year since my surgery rotation outta school. Wondering what are y'all thoughts on fairly still new grads taking on per diem gigs. Should I stick to full/part time jobs that let me learn more consistently? Appreciate any feedback!
  4. I just received my NPI # after submitting an online application, immediately by email. Is it suppose to be this fast? Is this number effective immediately? Also, how do I receive my Medicare and Medicaid provider ID #?
  5. I'm thinking of accepting the urgent care offer since I'm still coming up empty with my search and I'm itching to start working again. Also realized I missed the deadline for most EMED residencies for the upcoming cycle. If I work urgent care 6mos to a year, do you think I'll still have a shot at getting into a residency? Or do these slots usually go to new grads straight outta school? Plenty of hospitalist and inpatient subspecialty positions but competition's tough here. The job recruiters call the hospital's HR's resume/application pile the "black hole." Usually I apply on their website, maybe get an interview and then never hear back.
  6. I'm having a hard time finding an emed position as a new grad. So far, I've gotten offers in primary and urgent care. All of them offer a short 2 weeks to 1 month shadowing period or up to when I am "comfortable" before I start seeing patients as a solo provider ... which I know isn't the most ideal as a new grad. I'm still trying to find an emed position, but the search seems bleak in my area. When it comes down to it, does experience in urgent care or primary care offer a better transition and chance to get into emed?
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