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  1. It seems so based on last year's thread. Assuming interview invites follow the same timeline as last year, we should expect the next batch of invites to be sent out mid August.
  2. Nothing here! Verified 5/16. No news is good news!
  3. Hello, I just received an email to complete the supplementary application. Verified on 5/16 if that helps.
  4. I just received an email stating I met the academic and clinical prerequisites and that my application will now move forward for faculty review. Verified on 5/16 if that helps.
  5. Good luck to you as well, Cailin! It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”!
  6. I think I let my nerves get to me during the first panel of interviews but thought I did much better during the second portion with Dr. Guevara and Sujatha as I was more familiar with those two faculty members. I emailed Dr. Guevara for feedback in case I do decide to apply next year and am waiting for a response. I'm sure she's busy managing the next group of interviews though!
  7. Yeah, I remember Kurt saying that. I was at least expecting a waitlist but to be outright rejected was surprising, especially considering Kurt's statement. I was just told to apply next year, but earlier. Everyone in the 7/30 interview group seemed like a great candidate for the program too! The current cycle is still early for interviews so hopefully we hear more offers soon!
  8. I received a rejection but if you haven’t heard anything, that should be good news! Good luck!
  9. I'm from California. Looking forward to meeting all of you on the 30th!
  10. Received my interview invite on July 2 for July 28! Supplemental submitted: June 10 CASPA submitted: June 11 CASPer taken: June 16
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