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  1. Hi! When I submitted the app I was in the process of taking A&P 1 and Microbiology, with A&P 2 still outstanding. I've been accepted to the program, A&P 1 and Microbio complete. I'm taking A&P 2 right now in my last semester of undergrad. I think as long as you show some sort of proof that you intend to take them, and you only have a few outstanding, you should be okay!
  2. Everything was submitted on November 1st. My interview was the day their portal closed and I was told they are still giving out interviews. Best of luck!
  3. I agree ^^ ! I always wondered how people crammed everything into two years because there's just SO much to learn. When I saw SJU's program was 3 years I was like "wow, I'm gonna get such a thorough education!" So I'm a big fan of it! Also, my best guess as to why the breaks seem different is because SJU is a private university. I'm currently at a public university, so I don't get breaks for All Saints Day or Easter, etc, while private universities typically do. Hope that maybe helps!
  4. omg okay so its not just me, I started to panic a little bit! I tried calling but its the weekend and Monday is a holiday so I'll just do it over the phone on Tuesday, but I'll definitely mention resetting the account! thank you times 1000!
  5. Yes I just got the link after submitting the form! The login isn't working for me somehow though. Trying to troubleshoot now haha, thank you for your help!!
  6. Submitted September 7th, verified October 18th (problem with CASPA). Complete application with the supplemental submitted November 1st.
  7. Just got my acceptance today and I'm so excited! I'm Jenna and I live on Long Island, currently doing undergrad in Massachusetts. I'll be commuting. Can't wait to get to know you all!
  8. Interviewed 1/15, accepted 1/18! Good luck everyone!
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