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  1. Applying a little late! Hopefully more invites go out soon!
  2. Hey guys are they doing in person or virtual interviews?
  3. Hello everyone! starting the thread for this cycle! Good luck everyone!
  4. https://www.shrs.pitt.edu/PAProgram/admission/interview-process
  5. Not yet but I’m hoping we hear something sometime this week considering the first interview date is July 6.
  6. Verified 06/05 and got confirmation email today with portal access!
  7. Submitted 6/3 verified 6/5. Good luck everyone! I hope they start sending out invites soon!
  8. Hi guys! Just submitted my application today. I am worried though, did anyone perform worse than they thought on the CASPer?
  9. Hey guys, Is anyone applying this cycle? I can't find them on CASPA!
  10. Hi everyone! Best of luck! Question, do they email the supplemental application to us?
  11. Hi guys! I am applying from Cleveland, OH. Good luck everyone!
  12. Hi everyone! Best of luck to you guys! Where is everyone from? I’m from Cleveland, Ohio!
  13. Yeah! So none that I’m applying to specifically say PA. They say MD or PA. Thank you so much!
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