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  1. you could do EMT school (national) or a medical assistant without doing the certification formula
  2. I applied to 14, and got 8 interviews (went to 5)
  3. I also had a 3.36 sGPA and a 3.5 overall and got accepted to 3 and waitlisted at 2 schools!
  4. I would say take the average- I asked my employer for my total hour sheet and then divided it up per week. You could explain in the description but I think an average is fine
  5. I have a BA in Biology and no one ever mentioned it during the application cycle. Don't think it really matters, however BS in Biology generally requires more science units which may make you more competitive if you do well.
  6. The interview ends around 4 pm! You have 2 minutes to read the prompt, and you can take notes in that time period and bring them into the room with you, but you have to give them the paper before you leave the room. You have 7 minutes in the room to discuss the prompt and 1 minute to switch stations. Good luck, you'll be fine!
  7. All I remember is they said end of October/beginning of November
  8. The individual is mixed in with the MMI. I honestly like MMI style better and the morning goes by quick. Just look up sample questions and be open to whatever they throw at you! Its actually nice not having to prepare for traditional questions and just showing a little more about who you are through the MMI.
  9. My overall GPA was 3.53 and science was 3.39. I had >4,000 hours as an MA with a variety of extracurriculars.
  10. Also got an invite for 10/21, coming from MA!
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