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  1. My overall GPA was 3.53 and science was 3.39. I had >4,000 hours as an MA with a variety of extracurriculars.
  2. Also got an invite for 10/21, coming from MA!
  3. I'm from Massachusetts but currently living in California. I received my under review e-mail on 6/11. My portal still states it is under review but also shows that my GRE scores were received.
  4. Also got invited to interview on 10/14! Application completed on 7/8.
  5. @Megkin they assigned us a date/time and asked to confirm that we can make it. Looks like they have all been on Tuesdays so far and its 8am-3pm
  6. @Lizharper406 I received the e-mail that all my material were submitted on 7/9. My overall GPA was 3.53 and science was 3.39. I had >4,000 hours as an MA. First generation student. Coming from CA but originally from MA!
  7. I also got an interview today for Miami! Received an e-mail on 6/19 stating they had all my materials and I was under review. My last name starts with V.
  8. @whitesocks snail mail, made it fine within a couple of days. They recommend you get a tracking number if you are close to the deadline though
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