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  1. Hi Piper! I was able to find one around mid February.It might still be available.
  2. @prince17 is right, they applied for provisional but have not received it yet.
  3. Anyone know when interviews will start? And if they will review your application before having the CASPer test done.
  4. Did Trina say when we were supposed to hear back? I remember her saying something about that.
  5. Don't worry, Trina takes a few days to reach out. I left a voicemail and she called back the next day. She didn't send the confirmation email until like 3 days before the interview.
  6. I haven't heard back yet . I interviewed this past Saturday. Did you interview?
  7. I know they have another interview session sometime in February, but I'm not sure how many they will have total.
  8. Hello! Did you go to the campus preview? I'm also wondering what the program is like. Thanks!
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