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  1. I have not received my official email yet, but I called the admissions office on Wednesday and they confirmed that I am on the alternate list.
  2. I noticed that my pre reqs have populated on my applicant checklist, so I think that means I was wait listed from reading others post in this forum:/
  3. Has anyone from the 12/12, 12/13, or 12/16 interviews heard back yet, or had a change in their portal??
  4. Just got pulled off the wait list!! I was ranked as a #3. If anybody is looking for a roommate feel free to message me(:
  5. Has anybody who interviewed on 10/28 heard back yet?
  6. Hi everyone! I received an interview invite a couple weeks ago and the only available date I could select was for January 15th, which seemed kind of late! Is anyone else interviewing on that date?
  7. I interviewed on 8/15 and received an email from them this morning stating that I was waitlisted! Hoping for the best(:
  8. Has anyone who interviewed on 9/6 heard anything back yet?
  9. Just received an interview invite as well!!! Scheduled for October 28th!
  10. cGPA: 3.71 sGPA: 3.66 GRE: 304, 3.5 writing PCE: 2,500 hours as CNA & Scribe Shadowing: 600 hours Volunteering: 100 hours about 2 years experience working as an Ochem TA
  11. Hi everyone! Submitted caspa 5/22 and received an interview invite for 9/6!
  12. It's different than other schools since it is a very small facility, and only contains a PA program at that location, but I really liked the campus and all the faculty I met. We also had the opportunity to talk to current students at the program and they had nothing but good things to say about it.
  13. It started with a group interview! For me there was four interviewees and three interviewers. They asked each interviewee different questions so you don't have to worry about fighting over answers(: Then we went to lunch before doing our one on one interviews with a faculty member and a current student. The group interview was the most intimidating part for me, but the best advice I can give is to try and just relax and answer each question truthfully. You're going to do great!!
  14. Interviewed with them on July 12th and was just notified today that I was placed on their wait list. Good luck to everyone!!
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