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  1. anyone hear from the 11/20 interview yet? I figure it might be a while, but I'm curious!
  2. I received an interview invite for November 13th @ 12PM. I got the invitation 11/5.
  3. Would you mind sharing some of your stats? Still waiting to hear, and am interested to hear a little about what they value in order to offer an interview.
  4. I was verified around the same time and haven’t heard anything either. I think the second round of interviews is this week. I’m not really anticipating anything for another week or two because of that? Maybe they haven’t looked into things much more until after the first 2 rounds of interviews are done? Not sure
  5. Hello, I am applying this upcoming cycle and have been working as a clinical dietitian for the past several years. I'm interested to hear the perspective of other RD's pursuing/practicing as PA's! I am planning to keep my RD credential moving forward (by keeping up on continuing eds).
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