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  1. That's really helpful insight, thank you! Do you know how to tell whether it's strategic or due to resource scarcity? I.e. red flags, things to look for on the website, questions to ask during an interview, etc? Thanks!
  2. I'm applying this cycle and I see that many schools boast about the fact that their PAs have their own resources, labs, and classes while others advertise their interdisciplinary model in which resources and education are combined with other health profession students. It seems like schools in both camps use their model as a point of pride, and I'm sure it has a strong influence on the learning experience. However, I'm not sure how much consideration to give this when deciding schools to apply to, or if I can even form an opinion of my own without having experienced either firsthand. I'm wondering if there are current PA students here to can share their experience. What model does your school use? How many interdisciplinary opportunities do you have (i.e. complete program immersion, or just a few seminars or service activities here and there with other programs)? What do you like and dislike about it? I know you can't compare without having done both, but do you wish you had more or less integration? Did you take this into consideration when researching schools? Thanks!
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