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  1. Just received a notification that I was placed on the waitlist. Wondering if anyone else was waitlisted too?
  2. Just curious, did anyone that interviewed on 10/26 receive an acceptance?
  3. Congrats to everyone that received an interview! Just curious, for those of you that received an interview invite, are you in-state?
  4. Sunday, 11/02/20, works for me! @apa2020 I submitted my application 05/10/20, verified 05/14/20.
  5. I also received an interview invite for the 11/07 interview conference. I am so excited and definitely nervous! I would also love to meet up on a zoom call with everyone sometime beforehand.
  6. For those of you that were accepted, did ATSU give you a deadline by which you need to accept or decline their offer?
  7. I submitted my application July 16th (Casper taken in June) and received an email earlier today that my application was under review.
  8. @wildalaska I similarly submitted the supplemental application before they added the additional question. I sent them an email with my answer to the question, then a few days later followed up to confirm my answer was added to my application. They were fine with it!
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