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  1. I'm planning on submitting my application by next Friday, but someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong... Official transcripts sent 7/8/19, take about 3 days to arrive in mail, CASPA requires an additional 7 to be posted to application. So by 7/19, if program materials, LORs, payments, transcripts, etc. are submitted, I should be in line for verification, right?
  2. I'm willing! I've talked to some admissions directors about what they're looking for and could give some pointers. I'm also very good with wording and grammar so I could definitely help out on that end too :)
  3. So my brother in law is a cardiothoracic surgeon (DO) and I have about 50 shadowing hours with just him alone on my CASPA application. I know LORs aren't supposed to be from immediate family members, but what is the deal with a brother-in-law? He is definitely someone who can attest for my skills, my character and my passion for healthcare-- not because he's married to my sister and we hang out all the time... actually, the most time I ever spend with him WAS shadowing him for a week. I'm pretty sure I can get the doctor I work under to write me a letter, so I don't NEED his, but I think it would be a good addition to my planned three. Would asking him to submit one hurt more than help? Obviously, he is going to say he's my brother-in-law. But if this letter is #4, I heard some programs only read up to three. And if his is one of those three and they are like "??? hes family"... that'd be bad? IDK Any opinions/help is appreciated!!
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