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  1. $50 is ok if you're only seeing 2 an hour, otherwise way too low for how much you're earning them. Counter $80, take $70.
  2. How many patients are you seeing per hour?
  3. Just hoping to get a financial peak into the life of a 1099. What to expect in take home pay? what to do with retirement- SEP IRA? Other options?
  4. residency trained PA here (with a per diem gig in UC). Do The residency. Take the pay cut now to make more in the long run and have a more fulfilling life and education.
  5. Hi all, just curious what people's thoughts on How these offers compare. All in Northern California. 1.) W2, $56/hr, 5 weeks vacation including CME ($3500), huge (seriously) 401k contribution without any personal contribution required, HSA ($5,000), no bonus. 2.) W2, $85/hr, with shift differential. no PTO, 4% match in 401K, full medical w/ HSA, bonus structure not discussed yet. 3.) $100/hr, 1099. No bennies, no PTO, and they don't pay licenses and malpractice. $3/hr year end bonus.
  6. Hi all, New grad considering the pros and cons of accepting an emergency medicine residency vs critical care job. Residency is a year and they try hard to hire you directly from the program making $120,000. Downside is that residency pay is half that. Critical care job would presumably offer the best training if I were try to eventually return to emergency medicine somewhere down the road, and per staff offer a great learning experience for new grads. Salary still being negotiated, but north of 100K. Thoughts?
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