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  1. do we have a fb page set up yet? i'm super excited to meet all of you!!!
  2. I received a deposit receipt from Trina and also a handout on immunization requirements
  3. I think you're good if you haven't received that mail yet! I received it and was told it was due soon so maybe yours will have a different/later date on it when you do get yours! Anyway, I just tried calling again and Nancy picked up. The payment is processed by giving them your CC info over the phone for anyone curious.
  4. What was the payment method? I tried calling yesterday and no one picked up so I left a message on friday. The due date is 2/3 but no one is working on the weekends
  5. i got that email too and registered, but I don't see the MSPA program on the dropdown menu. EDIT: nvm, got the other email for the supplemental application!
  6. I'm canceling my interview for 2/1 since I got accepted into my top choice! Hope this opens up a spot for one of you and good luck!
  7. I think Rutgers has a fantastic program. Their faculty/student relationship is very tight knit and are fun to be around. I don't think it's rare to see some of the students hanging out with the faculty. At this point, they'll be seeing how well you will mesh with the program. They know what types of people they're looking for to build the class they want. I was able to answer all my interview questions but I believe I didn't show them how much I really wanted to be here at this program. They could tell I was applying broadly to lots of schools and that I'd be lucky to get into any school. To b
  8. interviewed 7/16 just got a rejection email today. good luck to everyone else applying!
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