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  1. Hello friends! I’ve been accepted as of February 1st, and I hope to be attending Mercy College by the time June 2019 rolls around. Lets do this! -confirmation letter -passport photos -deposit -physical exam -immunizations -official transcripts -financial aid -criminal background check -HOUSING -books, etc...
  2. Acceptance letter received 2/1/2019 !!! It said it was mailed on 1/28/2019, my interview was 1/8/2019 I will be attending!!
  3. Hello all, I got my invitation for an interview on Dec 20th. It is scheduled for Jan 8th at 1pm, I think they are group interviews so lmk if you’ll be there too. This is the first interview offer I have received so I’m very excited and a little nervous about it. Apparently Mercy has a class size of 65 which is bigger than most, so I’m hopeful I’ll get accepted.
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