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  1. With the contractual obligation, what is the salary after completing the fellowship? Is it higher than what a starting Pulm/Cc app would begin at?
  2. I have Rosh, but not sure how to study for EOR in Family Med. Input appreciated!
  3. Question about internal med clin rotations- specifically, hospitalist medicine. Do you do the admission or the workup? What does PA-S clinical practice look like? How does it work with doing H&P, prescribing privileges (are there?), and general practice during your rotations. TIA!
  4. Current RRT/RCP and got accepted to PA school starting this year! The RRT is the national board's title for us when we pass our board exams. When the states recognized RRTs as licensed health care professionals the legislation utilized the term respiratory care practitioner as a moniker for respiratory therapists. As my credentials stand, my title would be First Last Name RCP, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS due to specialty credentials I have achieved. I can use either as I want, but it's mainly a state thing. Nobody in the health care system calls for RCPs. They call for RT. We don't utilize the term resp
  5. Question: Does anyone know when they send out dates to interview? To clarify, I've been invited to interview, but had to select a variety of dates to choose from when I would like to, and I don't know when they'll notify me. Thanks if anyone knows!
  6. I'm so thankful that I got an offer to interview. I hope that we can meet! When you get your interview dates, post so we can coordinate beforehand!
  7. Received offer to interview. Beyond ecstatic. Good luck to everyone who got an interview. I hope we can meet or establish some type of introductions if we pair on the same dates!
  8. I want to avoid doxxing myself and/or maligning specific institutions that have made these statements to me. While it has not been every case, there was still a surprising number that preferred diversity in degrees received and minimal PCE compared to a medical background and years of experience.
  9. First time applying to PA school this year and have gotten more down on myself about going to PA school. I'm in health care, have a master's degree in a healthcare-related science, >3.5 GPA, and have been working over four years. All that said, I'm feeling kind of slighted by the way a lot of PA programs have been telling me what they are now looking for in candidates. I've had conversations with various universities across the U.S. trying to find out which ones would be ideal to submit an application. What I keep getting told is that there is preference given to people who do not work in m
  10. Hey everyone, I'm really excited for this upcoming application cycle. In terms of candidacy, can you give me some input in to whether my background as a respiratory therapist would be of benefit? From an academic standpoint, I'm finishing a master's in respiratory therapy for completion of last few outstanding prereqs for CASPA, and the sheer knowledge I've gotten in cardiopulmonary medicine. GPA is solid 3.6 and I've got specialty credentials as well as over 5,000 hours of patient care experience. My hope when I get accepted into PA school is to become a primary care and/or pulmonary PA af
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