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  1. It has! It's called Samuel Merritt University PA Class of 2022.
  2. I declined my interview for 2/5 since I got accepted at my top choice, hoping this opens it up to someone else! Good luck!
  3. I got my acceptance call yesterday! Mine came in as "Private Number".
  4. For this year I believe 2/1 is the last interview date. They had 3 dates on consecutive weekends.
  5. Thank you for that update! I was also able to sign up for 1/25
  6. 3.34 cGPA 3.6 sGPA ~3600 PCE hours as an EMT Second year applicant from California! Your application and essays are what get you an interview, but the interview itself is what gets you in the program - not the application!
  7. Hey everyone! I got here early, so when anyone gets here I have blond hair and am wearing a red and gold gryffindor scarf. AlSO 3uilt is just the food service inside of 7 Stills Brewery, dont make the same mistake as me of going around the building a few times looking for it haha
  8. How would everyone feel about meeting at 3uilt if the pizza place is too small? It's near the school, and it looks like there's a lot of room inside to both sit and stand so we wouldn't need to worry about headcount. Looks like a brewery with a food menu.
  9. For those on the wait list who have already filled out FAFSA, did you include your parent's financial info? It's obviously not required as a graduate student but are there any pros to doing so?
  10. I'm coming for the 12/7 interview from San Francisco and would love to meet up with everyone the night before as well
  11. They did a web conference to address their probationary status a couple months ago - they said that the specifics that put them on probation were citations for clinical year objectives and ARC-PA not being happy with the transparency of the admission process and with some of the data provided in their program goals (which SM said is easy to address). SM also said that they started working on revisions in January and aren't worried about re-accreditation. On the call they stated that the issues that put them on probation were all administrative and back of house and would not effect the student experience while they work on improving it.
  12. Me and a couple of friends are in the same boat as well... waitlisted last year and haven't heard anything yet.
  13. I took all of my prerequisites at community college after I got my bachelors because I also got a social science degree. Last year I got two interviews and was wait listed, so I wouldn't worry about it. There are some schools that specify they need to be upper division (or taken at a 4 year university) but most don't. Just double check with the programs you are interested and whether they specify if they accept community college courses.
  14. I also got the confirmation email today without reaching out. That information was in the email, and on the website it states that interviews are held September-November on a rolling basis.
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