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  1. They did a web conference to address their probationary status a couple months ago - they said that the specifics that put them on probation were citations for clinical year objectives and ARC-PA not being happy with the transparency of the admission process and with some of the data provided in their program goals (which SM said is easy to address). SM also said that they started working on revisions in January and aren't worried about re-accreditation. On the call they stated that the issues that put them on probation were all administrative and back of house and would not effect the student experience while they work on improving it.
  2. Me and a couple of friends are in the same boat as well... waitlisted last year and haven't heard anything yet.
  3. I took all of my prerequisites at community college after I got my bachelors because I also got a social science degree. Last year I got two interviews and was wait listed, so I wouldn't worry about it. There are some schools that specify they need to be upper division (or taken at a 4 year university) but most don't. Just double check with the programs you are interested and whether they specify if they accept community college courses.
  4. I also got the confirmation email today without reaching out. That information was in the email, and on the website it states that interviews are held September-November on a rolling basis.
  5. They will send the supplemental after the interviews.
  6. Hello! I noticed this years thread hadn't been started yet, so here we go. Good luck everyone!
  7. Perhaps you don't realize how that sounds, but there's no need to be patronizing. I felt it quite obvious that I wasn't looking to lie about my circumstances - which is not lounging around playing video games. My concern was if it would be helpful to somehow (and how to do it if so) include that I've been unable to work or do anything to further my applications the last few months because my days are filled with appointments, physical therapy, and the like. The committees are always looking to see how we've improved since the last go around - which I have - but not as much as I'd been hoping and I was thinking I'd like to explain why.
  8. That'a an idea, thank you for that. I know it'd be fine to talk about in an interview but I don't want to be discounted from receiving an interview for it looking like I've been doing nothing, you know?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm in a somewhat unique situation and haven't been able to find anything on what to do. I'd love some insight and opinions! I've been getting my PCE as an EMT, and have been out on disability for the last 6 months due to a work injury. 4 of those months were still going in to work but being on "light duty" meaning not going out of the office. I obviously don't count that as additional PCE, but realized it looks as though I've done NOTHING for the last 6 months - no work, no classes, no volunteering. Would it be reasonable to make a short "experience" covering the last 6 months stating that I've been injured and unable to do anything with recovery and constant appointments? Or is there another way I could signify that? Or alternatively, just wait to discuss it in person. Thanks everyone. Good luck on this cycle.
  10. None yet from me or a few others I know got waitlisted. I believe today is the deadline for those who got sent acceptances to accept or deny, so hopefully they'll send out more soon.
  11. Also waitlisted, as are 3 others at my work. None of us have heard anything.
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