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  1. Short story - Private family practice in NJ. One physician and one full time PA. Planned on looking after the holidays for a part-time PA to reduce the aging physicians horrific work load. The physician would love to train, work with and eventually sell her practice to a PA or pair of PA's rather sell to a large medical corporation when she retires. (sorry no offense meant) Any help pointing us in the right direction or would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Alex
  2. How you handle "Anti-Vaxxers" also depends on the type of practice you are associated with. In corporate medicine you have to follow corporate rules, If you own your own practice you do what you think will get people to listen. Being politically correct may be necessary at times but other times you need to be brutally blunt for things this important. http://www.fischerfamilymedicine.com/ see "our view on vaccinations" on top of page
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