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  1. Jcadet10

    2018-2019 PA Class

    Base of the previous forums , it seems like they interview ppl until April so don’t lose hope. Trust me the hardest part is the waiting game .
  2. Jcadet10

    2018-2019 PA Class

    I believe so because I asked them how long does it takes to hear back from them after my interview , they said it takes 2-6 weeks . I haven’t heard anything back yet . When did u submit your application ?
  3. Jcadet10

    2018-2019 PA Class

    They are interviewing people still .
  4. Jcadet10

    2018-2019 PA Class

    Anyone get accepted yet ?
  5. Jcadet10

    2018-2019 PA Class

    Maybe in the next two weeks .

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