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  1. We have a Fb group if you want to be added. It’s called ‘CUAA physician assistant class of 23’. Should he searchable to the public. Congrats on the acceptance!
  2. This just means that they are going to keep comparing your application and interview scores with the next set of interviews. You’re not ‘waitlisted’ yet. They don’t usually waitlist people until they have filled all the seats. Keep your head up...I went through this last year too lol. The waiting game is brutal.
  3. Nothing yet! Hopefully by next week. Last year they started sending out emails 2 weeks after the interview.
  4. Of course! I was accepted with the below stats: cGPA: 3.46 sGPA: 3.64 (Not sure what other GPA's they look at....they don't specify on their website) HCE: >16,000 hours as Registered Respiratory Therapist in a Level 1 Trauma Center. Some shadowing and volunteering. 5 LOR from 2 trauma surgeons, 1 PA, 1 supervisor, and a professor.
  5. Interviews went great. They were in person but still had to follow social distancing rules and wear a mask at all times while indoors.
  6. Depending on how much time you have until your interview...there are a few good books I read that helped a lot. I’ll post the links to them below. These both had a ton of questions and how to answer them. Good luck!! https://www.amazon.com/Physician-Assistant-School-Interview-Guide/dp/1732076006/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=physician+assistant+school+interview+guide&qid=1600286567&sprefix=physician+assistant+&sr=8-3 https://www.amazon.com/How-Physician-Assistant-School-Interview/dp/1724839853/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=physician+assistant+school+
  7. This interview was very relaxed. Just be yourself! They really just want to get to know you more. They asked almost all traditional style questions and maybe a few situational questions. Good luck!
  8. There’s now a fb group labeled ‘CUAA Physician Assistant Class of 23’. I’ll make sure the settings are to be able to be searched publicly. I look forward to meeting everyone in the future!
  9. I will create one so we can add people as they get accepted! Give me a few and I’ll get it up and going
  10. I applied July 16th or something. Interviewed on 8/25. I’m sure they’ll be sending out another round of invites within a week or so. Good luck!!
  11. Check your emails! I just got accepted!!!
  12. Did anyone else just get this email?
  13. It was extremely laid back! Just traditional style questions mostly. Just felt like they wanted to get to know you. They were all extremely welcoming and never once felt 'pressured' or anything. I wouldn't be nervous at all. Just make sure you are yourself!
  14. Nothing yet. They said two weeks so hopefully early next week we hear something! The waiting game is the worst!
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