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  1. Nope! I got put on the alternate list actually. So I have reapplied with hopes for a better outcome this year!
  2. Yes. They do rolling admission. Typically they start doing interviews in early/mid September. Last year I received an invitation to interview in mid August.
  3. Hey everyone. Just getting a thread going for this years application cycle. Good luck to everyone applying and or reapplying!
  4. Submitted my app on 5/22 and it was verified the next day. Anyone know if they send out a confirmation email or anything when they receive your app?
  5. Not really a way to know unfortunately. It changes year to year. I’ve looked at past years and it seems to fluctuate quite a bit. I’m in the same boat.
  6. I’m in the same boat. Not sure how many they usually put on the list though. From reading other years of this forum it sounds like quite a few get taken off the alternate list. Keeping my hopes high
  7. If it makes you both feel any better....I interviewed 9/20 and have been playing the waiting game since lol. I’ve gotten an email about being rolled over and another email asking if I was still interested in continuing my application. But no answer. Driving me crazy!! Good luck to everyone still waiting for an answer
  8. I think they’re probably looking for people who have interviewed at other schools and taken spots elsewhere..and also updating people.
  9. I received the same email. I was rolled over from the 9/20 interview. The waiting game continues.
  10. I received the same email after interviewing on 9/20. I’m taking no news as good news at the moment. They said at our interview that most good candidates get rolled over. Quite a few people I interviewed with already got rejection letters. Keep your hopes high! Still lots of time before all decisions are made. Good luck and hopefully we will be meeting next fall
  11. It doesn’t mean you can’t interview. Your application just isn’t considered complete until the course is finished and your final grade is submitted. Deadline to submit final grades is December 31st I believe. After the course grade is submitted to pa_info@wmich.edu you will be eligible for an interview. Just remember that the deadline for the application to be turned in is December 1st. So you must have your CASPA and supplemental application turned in and paid for by that date as well. I hope this helped and good luck!!
  12. Congrats!! So exciting What is your experience and GPA if you don’t mind sharing? Did you get an email after your interview saying they were rolling your application into the next set of interviewees?
  13. I received an email stating ‘although we are not offering you a seat at this time we will be rolling your application into the next set of interviews’. Some of the other people that interviewed on the same day as me got rejection letters already also. When did you interview? I was on 9/20.
  14. You still have plenty of time. The deadline isn’t until December 1st I believe.
  15. Huge congrats! I was interviewed that day as well. My application is getting rolled into the next set of interviews. What was your GPA and experience if you don’t mind me asking?
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